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I made the choice to develop my own codes and exhibitions conditions (time-place-duration-

communication) and developed for several years, a hybrid practice, a kind of rhyzome where everything is 

interconnected (performance-dance-writing-drawing-video-photography).

I question through this positioning, different borders; as the everyday space in the artistic

practice / the place of demonstration, the status of the artist, the materiality of the work and its

inscription in time.


My works are generally visible in specific spatial-temporal contexts : APARTé*: in individuals, in my place

of life and work, on social networks, in nature ... and / or on invitation.


creation of the concept "act choreography"* in 2002.




2018 / 2017 / 2016( solo)


L'ATELIER du 5 / septembre 2018 : oeuvres présentées à la Biennale internationnale d'art contemporain de Uozu/TOYAMA, JAPON, dans le cadre de la 18ème ballade des ateliers, Chantenay-St Anne, sept/18


Denrée mentale/text-perform/APARTé

Alt box/drawing series

Alt/drawing series

Topotype/drawing series

cqjserdi/triptyque photography,

Ce que je suis en réalité demeure inconnu/VW /triptyque video-choreography I /II/II/,

Aside/Act Choreography*drawing choreography,

Green dance/drawing series,

Exchange I II III with Monk/Act Choreography* in Forest 3 drawing

Act premier/Act second/Act transit /perform reading in the forest,APARTé

Line III /photography,Pays de la Loire/Maine et Loire/Finistère,

Kronos/exchange with S.REICH/drawing and project of installation in situ/France

Sphaera/Act Choreography*, drawing and small volume


 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 (solo)

Partition/installation in situ,résidence d’artiste, Corcouet

Territory/installation in the forest,Domaine du Landreau


Le chez Blanche/installation in the forest Nuaille,APARTé

Line I/II/drawing and photograpy

Digital Choreography I/II/III/IV*

Digital/Act Choreography* :100 drawing choreographed/Pays de la Loire

Archeologia Crépuscule et Push on /ART/X/Toyama-JAPON

Process Perform 15/15/perform/APARTé

Process Act Choreography*/beginning of the process, june 2012 and 2014 : private presentation and perform,

The Chairman Dances/Act Choreography*/drawing perform exchange with J.ADAMS/APARTé

Salome Dances for Peace/Act Choreography*/ drawingperform exchange with T.RILEY/

L’art prend l’air/Pays de la Loire


2010 / 2009 / 2008 (solo)


Pulses :Act Choreography*/serial drawing experiment with song of P.Glass,


Extraction/ photography

Etat des lieux/installation-projection

Topos/Topos text

Juin fotografik/photography/concept-SPHAERA/Finistère


2007 / 2003 / 2002 / 2001  (solo)

Private garden / Bouguenais,APARTé

Dessin rouge/draw and projection 

Act millimétré Act Choreography*/mental choreographic work

Gestazione Process/serial experimental, draw and sculpture /Finistère/Pays de la Loire

Spire Act Choreography* concept : first series of experimantal choreography, perform, song : P.Boulez/Finistère/Pays de la Loire

Red Dance/ projection,ART/X/Toyama/Japon


2018 à 1994 (Institution exhibition)

Biennale Internationnale d'art contemporain : Art/X/Toyama/Japon (2018)

Biennale Internationnale d'art contemporain : Art/X/Toyama/Japon (2014) 

Center of art : Le Quartier/Finistère

Biennale Internationnale d'art contemporain : Art/X/Toyama/Japon (2002)

Center of Art / le Lieu Unique / " le livre et l'art" invitation des éditions MEMO /installation in-situ/Nantes

Biennale Internationnale d'art contemporain : Art/X/Toyama/Japon (2000)

Center of Art / Ab-Intestat / Ris Orangis/Paris

Center of Art /Ab-Inststa t/ Territoire-illimitate garden/ Paris

Britain History Museum/Finistère

Niikawa Bunka Hall/Uozu Japon

Espace 21/ "Acteur/Réacteur"/Nantes


Galery Argraphie/Nantes

L'art prend l'air/Nantes


Biennale Internationnale d'art contemporain : Art/X/Toyama/Japon (1997)

Les 10 jours de l'art contemporain/Rezé

Airport Nuũk/Greenland...


workshop/residence :


Center of art/Ab instestat/Paris,APARTé

Uozu with children/Japon

Uozu with children/Japon



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